20 amazing handbags that YOU and I can afford.

I may have a little obsession with handbags, I think I got that from my mom, she has tons of them. I do not use all of them but I just like buying and collecting them.

I spent some time searching online and consulting several brands to gather some nice and cute bags to create this post. So I came up with this amazing collection of 20 handbags all of them under 80 euros.

Print Bags

If you are a fan of prints here are four handbags that you may like!

Colorful Bags

If you are more of an extroverted person, then these colorful handbags are your thing!

Animal Print Bags

Everybody has wild side somewhere, embrace it with this gorgeous handbags!

Which ones are your favorites?

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I am Eleni a half Greek/Dominican girl born in Germany and raised in Spain. Currently, I am living in the Netherlands due to my studies where I am a full-time business administration student. This blog is a place where I share my emotions, thoughts, experiences, and things I am passionate about.


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