A girl's sillage

A girl's sillage



Who am I?

Well, I am Eleni a half Greek/Dominican girl born in Germany and raised in Spain. As you can see, I have a pretty international background. Even though it sounds cool, it has its downsides that involves a lot of traveling and leaving good friends behind. However, it made me stronger and flexible which allowed me to quickly adjust to any change or situation.

Currently, I am living in the Netherlands due to my studies where I am a full-time business administration student. After 2 years here, I am still in transition since the Netherlands is very different from the culture I am used to; I am still feeling homesick. I guess nothing can be compared to my beautiful Madrid.

I consider fashion a way to express myself and how I feel at a particular moment. I have always been interested in fashion, but never able to buy my own clothing since my mom was always choosing for me. She used to buy the same cloth for my sister and me until I turned 17, I hated it. She wanted us to dress up as twins, but that had to stop. After a while, she understood that we were not little girls anymore. After that, the endless battle of who will wear it first started!

Now, I understand why my mom did what she did…

After a long time thinking about creating a blog, I decided to start ”A girl’s sillage” with the aim to find a place where to share my emotions, thoughts, experiences, and things I am passionate about.

My essentials

My perfum

L’imperatrice by Dolce & Gabbana

Black Boots

A pair of black boots has been part of my outfits since I was a teenager.


I always carry a chapstick with me, but the cherry chapstick has always been my favorite since I was little.


I guess this digitalize world keeps me attached to my phone.