Charcoal Collagen Face Mask Review

As my autumn break begins, I went to the city center of The Hague to get some goodies from Tk Maxx to review in the Beauty section of my blog.

The first item I picked from my shopping bag was the Charcoal Collagen Face Mask from a Korean brand called Purederm. Even though the product is Korean, the instructions are also available in English, which is pretty nice since I do not speak Korean.

The formula includes ingredients such as charcoal extract, collagen, vitamin E, and castor oil. According to the packaging, this mask is supposed to smooth and moisturize your skin, purify, minimize your pore and give a refreshing sensation.

Charcoal, collagen, facemask, mask, purederm

How I use it

  1. I cleaned my face with my facial soap;
  2. I dried my face, in order to be sure that the mask well sticks to my skin;
  3. I pulled out the mask and applied it carefully on my face, making sure that it covers everything;
  4. I waited until the mask dried, but the package says that you can leave it for 15-20 minutes (this is up to you);
  5. I peeled it off;
  6. I rewashed my face to remove any rest of the product.

My experience

When I was pulling the mask out of the packaging, it took me a while to understand how it works. The mask comes all compressed, and the edges are not very visible, so it was a bit hard to unfold it. The mask itself is entirely black, as I expected. It also has a pleasant fragrance, but it is almost imperceptible.

But to be sincere, I do not feel any difference on my skin. Of course, I just used it one time, so it is hard to tell if it works or not. Anyway, I had fun trying it on, and definitely, I will keep testing other face masks as well.

charcoal, collagen, face mask, mask, purederm
Charcoal, Collagen , face mask, mask, Purederm

One downside is that it is very sticky, which made it hard to unfold it.

Any recommendations?

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