Eternal love to Denim

I have to admit that I am obsessed with denim clothing, they are the most comfortable outfits in my closet beside from my pajamas… This look really suits me, and it goes perfectly with my curly and frizzy hair.

denim, a girl's sillage, clothing, fashion

The look

The baggy denim jacket I am wearing is from Bershka.

The denim ripped skirt that fits like a glove is from Zara

The white t-shirt with the opening on the back and butterfly print is from Stradivarius.

The white cat eye sunglasses are from Pull & Bear

The silver sneakers are from Primark

If you are wondering where I got my transparent hologram funny bag, I bought it online through AliExpress. I do not remember how much I paid, but it cost less than 10 euros including the basic shipping costs.

denim, a girl's sillage, clothing, fashion

Unfortunately, the items from this outfit are no longer available, but I did some research and I found these other items that will work too!

Check them out!… (the pictures have link to the stores)

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I am Eleni a half Greek/Dominican girl born in Germany and raised in Spain. Currently, I am living in the Netherlands due to my studies where I am a full-time business administration student. This blog is a place where I share my emotions, thoughts, experiences, and things I am passionate about.

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