Five high-end shoes and its copycats

I have always heard how low-cost brands copy designs from high-end fashion, but I never thought that they will literally copy the whole design, including patterns and fabrics.

Since Black Friday was approaching, I started to collect some items to purchase later at a lower price. Without noticing, I ended up in a British shoe store called Ego. I have to say that it seems quite nice and with it has very affordable prices. So back to the point, I was looking for boots and while scrolling down on the website, I saw what appeared to be a pair of Balenciaga, I was like no way. I am Spanish, so I know how Balenciaga boots look like and I was sure, I had seen that pair of boots on my Pinterest feed.

However, the most shocking of all is that they used the same floral print!… See it for yourself in the pictures.

  1. The first model with the more prominent pointed toe is the Balenciaga with a price of €397.50.
  2. The second model from Ego is selling for €45.99.

No kidding… I am thinking of buying a pair from Ego for myself. Even though, I love Balenciaga… for that price I can pay two months of my university tuition fee!

I after that I was looking through that product category to see if I could find any other copies and hell yeah I did!…

  1. The second thing I spotted were two boots that look a lot to one of the Alexander Wang’s Fall collection.
  2. The first model on the picture the Eri high heel ankle boots from Alexander Wang with a price of €990.
    The second model is the Montana ankle boots from Ego for €45.99. The only difference I could find is that it doesn’t have the zipper in front.
  3. The third model is the Black Pu ankle boots from PrettyLittleThing for €63. For those who don’t know the store, it is the low-cost clothing store that Kourtney Kardashian has recently launched.

But that was not all, they also copied another pair of boots from that same fall collection of Alexander Wang.

  1. The first model is the studded Chelsea boots by Alexander Wang with a selling price of €925;
  2. The second model the Tilda ankle boots from Ego from €40.99. Do you see any difference?… Because I don’t.

If you are a Fendi fan but you are as broke as me, then you must check out this pair.

  1. The first model is the Rockoko sock boots from Fendi’s Fall Collection with a selling price of €850;
  2. The second model is the Bobbie knitted sock boots from Ego. The only difference I see are the strips at the top, but the rest in my opinion, apart from the shape of the heel, is the same.

The last items on my list are these bikers boots with silver studs.

  1. The first pair is the Givenchy studded leather boots with a selling price of €1025;
  2. The second pair is an exact copy that PrettyLittleThing (Kourtney Kardashian’s clothing store) is selling for €56.

Some argue about how ethical these practices are or how brands are affected by these copycats.

Of course I don’t find this ethical, but in my opinion, I don’t think that high-end brands are affected by these companies at all. High-end fashion normally counts with established markets and loyal customers. Therefore, in terms of sale, I don’t think they are losing any money because a person that spends 900 euros or more on a pair of shoes is not buying it because of the price, they buy the brand and what it represents. People purchasing these items at a lower price are very unlikely to end up being an actual client.

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