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Watch my week favorites collection. I have included some links to items that I have or that are similar to that I have, just in case you are interested in them.

waffle, icecream, food, sweet

The last Sunday, I went to visit a friend in Rotterdam, and she took me to an Asian fusion lifestyle cafe-bar called Foo Concepts close to the Rotterdam’s Markthal, where I found this delicious vanilla egg waffles.  They also count with a salty section but I chose to go for something sweet. So I got one vanilla egg waffle with strawberry ice cream to which I add marshmallow (of course), KitKat, 2 Mikado sticks, condensed milk, and little cubes of caramel. It tastes amazing and definitely, I will buy again!

This floral orange skirt from River Island has been on my list of must buy for months. The other day, I went to the city center and I saw that the store had a 50% discount so I went straight inside. I did not have much time to look since I was shopping with my boyfriend ¬¬ … But during that short period of time, I saw this skirt discounted and it had to be mine.

pink, fur , collar, necklace

This item is not new, but I managed to find it a new use. This pink fur collar came with a denim jacket I bought in Zara during the last winter sale. The funny thing is that I do not know where my jacket is. However, I found its collar in one of my drawers. I have seen fur necklaces, but never as think as this one, but I had to give it a try and I wore as a necklace the other day. I thought it looked so damn cool!

turmeric, facemask, face, skincare, mask, beauty

When I was in the city center checking the new things that Tk-Maxx brought to the store, I found this unusual Turmeric face mask. It is made in Korea but distributed by an American company called The Crème Shop. It says that it helps to correct skin discoloration, soothes acne, eczema, dryness; and combats age marks. I have not tried it yet, but soon I will publish a review about this product on my blog, so stay tuned!

Music is part of my life, and I am always trying to look for something new. I have created a blog post called “Weekly Playlists Collection” where I put all the new playlist I find on Spotify. The new playlist I found for this weekend is called ” Salsa Classics”, the title already give you a clue, it is a collection of popular salsa songs.  This music is part of my roots as I am half Latina. I grow up listening to this genre and I have learned to appreciate it, but it also cheers me up.

I hope you enjoyed.
See you on my next week favorites!

Now, tell me which were your week favorites?… If you also have a post about your favorites, please share it below. I will love to check it out!

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  1. I purchased turmeric to make a face mask. I think I will just purchase the mask you mentioned first to see what happens.

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