New Book: Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile

I love reading books, but since I moved to the Netherlands the only books I had time to read were my university books. Enrolling in a full-time bachelor entirely taught in English was very challenging for me, considering that I have never taken classes in English.

When I was living in Spain, I was given a couple of interesting books to read, but unfortunately, I could not bring them with me. During my studies, I joined the Book Club of my university, which pushed me to start reading again. The other day I dropped by a bookstore called “Van Stockum” in the center of The Hague, where I found this book.

The book is from a French writer called Francoise Sagan and named by the Guardian the French F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book includes two of the author novels “Bonjour Tristesse” and “A Certain Smile”. Apart from having amoral stories and explicit sexual scenes, what caught my attention was that the author published “Bonjour Tristesse” when she was only 18 years old, which became a bestseller. I found that fascinating!

Now, I am half way of the book, but what I read so far is very engaging and dramatic, and I am really into it. I love summer love and love affair stories.

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Have someone read this book?

PD: If you know any other book from the same genre, please share below in the comments section!

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