Peels & Seals activated charcoal peel off mask review

Well, it was about time to continue with the charcoal mask reviews I had in mind. At the beginning of October, I was really stressed and saturated from the university, so I went shopping and I bought tons of beauty products to review on my blog. Between them are 6 black face masks, a bit excessive I realized now, but I really wanted to find one that works for me. Since the last one I bought was a complete waste of money, it was the Naturface peel off black mask, so if you see it somewhere do not buy it!

As last week I review the charcoal collagen face mask from Purederm. The next mask to be reviewed is the activated charcoal peel- off mask with tea tree oil from Peels and Seals made in the UK (Sold out now). The Tea Tree oil has antiseptic properties and it is good for acne.

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Test #1

My boyfriend volunteered to try the black mask first. After washing his face, he covered his face with a warm towel to open the pores. 20 minutes later, I applied a thick cover of the product on his nose and part of his cheeks, which will make it easier to peel off.

According to him, the mask gave him a fresh sensation and but it also felt a bit heavy. The product took a long time to dry completely, I think around 40 minutes, which I thought it was too much.

When the time to peel it off came, the mask was very stuck to the skin, so I had to pull it slowly. It came as one piece and no rests were left on the skin. During the first try, I did not see any black heads coming out, just a lot of hairs.

Test #2

One week later, I tried it myself, but I used the mask after a warm shower. I applied a thick layer on my T zone, cheeks, and chin. It was easy to apply, it is just like a cream.

The product felt fresh too, I did not have any irritation, which was good since I have sensitive skin. It also took a long time to dry; I was a bit impatience so I was always touching it to see if could peel it off. I also notice that it has a very strong smell of tea tree, I did not like it, but that is how the oil smells; my tea tree tonic from Lush has the same scent.

When it dried, I gently peeled it off from the outer edges and I saw that some blackheads and thin hairs came out.


The formula is consistent

It is a product made in Europe (higher standards)

It is cruelty free

It made my skin softer

Takes time to dry

Strong smell of tea tree

Easy to apply

Easy to remove

It sticks well to your skin, so be careful with your eyebrows and lips!

It has over 500 reviews (400 of them with 5 or 4 stars) on Amazon UK

Did it work?

Sincerely, if you expect to clear your pore with one use, then maybe this is not your product. But it does remove some blackheads, hairs, and dead skin. My skin felt really soft and smooth after using it, especially my nose.

I like it and I will continue to use it!

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